Deluxe Unveils State-of-the-Art Color Grading Environment in Hollywood

Deluxe announced the debut of its new color grading environment, Stage One.

The expansive theater is equipped with top quality projection, including the world’s largest RealD Ultimate Screen® in a private facility, as well as advanced color grading, audio and editorial systems. Located in Deluxe Audio Seward at Hollywood’s historic Glen Glenn Sound building, the 4,000 square foot space features plush seating, perfect black levels, RealD and Stewart screens, Barco projectors, and advanced audio, among other amenities.

“The re-creation of Stage One into North America’s premier color grading environment and screening room represents Deluxe’s commitment to building the largest color and post operation in the world,” said William Sherak, President, Deluxe Post Production. Sherak continued, “The scale, the technology, and comfort gives filmmakers an unparalleled experience in finishing their projects.”

“I’ve been dreaming of a space like Stage One since I started color finishing,” noted Senior Colorist Skip Kimball, whose recent credits include ‘Deadpool 2’ at EFILM. “We’re set up to handle any format and have a fleet of projectors so I can grade on a screen that’s comparable to exhibition; it’s much easier to evaluate the picture and address any issues when you can see it on a 60-foot screen. And the size of Stage One is incredible; it can comfortably accommodate 120 people, so we can handle conform, color and VFX all in one space and with the director and cinematographer for a more streamlined process.”

Deluxe’s Stage One features a RealD Ultimate Screen® with a 45’ x 21’7” maximum image and a Stewart Filmscreen SnoMatte 100 screen with 41’3” x 22’4” maximum image, and can accommodate the latest display monitors, allowing production to view content in whatever format is needed throughout production. The space is also equipped with two Christie Dolby Vision™ Eclipse laser projectors, capable of providing 108-nit brightness standard as well as high frame rate projection and 4K resolution; a Barco DP4K-P reference projector for theatrical grading at 48 nits in 4K resolution; and a Barco DP4k-32B projector for RealD stereo theatrical grading at up to 48 nits in 4K resolution. Available color grading and editorial systems include Blackmagic Resolve, Autodesk Lustre and Flame, and Filmlight Baselight.

Stage One is located at 900 N Seward Street in Hollywood, CA and is already being used in production. For more information on Stage One specs and availability, contact: Dave Grove, [email protected], 323.353.0866.

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