Signagelive-Powered Coolers Transform Refrigerator Doors into Engaging Digital Signage and Entertainment Platforms

Signagelive, specialists in digital signage technology, announced that its cloud-based CMS is powering the patented DAMOC Cooler Display solution developed by Focal Media Ltd.

Launched in December 2014, the solution is being deployed by a number of well-known brands to enhance marketing activities, including Heineken, who have purchased an initial 200 units to promote the Heineken brand throughout Ireland & the UK.

Focal Media’s DAMOC Cooler solution, based on LCD transparent displays from LG, gives beverage companies and pub landlords/managers an innovative new way to transform refrigerator doors into engaging digital signage and entertainment platforms. Eye catching content can be displayed on the doors of glass froster and bottle refrigerators for promotional purposes, raising brand awareness and ultimately increasing overall sales. All media play-out and door openings are collected by the Signagelive Proof of Play platform and available for analysis through dynamic dashboards and reports to assist Focal Media and Heineken to measure return on investment.

Displayed content is created, scheduled and managed by Focal Media using Signagelive’s cloud based CMS. Conventional advertising is digitized for individual establishments to raise awareness of events they are hosting, with a particular emphasis on those sponsored by Heineken, such as Champions League fixtures and European Cup Rugby. The coolers are connected to IAdea MBR -1100 devices that are powered by Signagelive. Signagelive is used to store, manage, schedule and correctly render all displayed content, enabling Focal Media to provide a completely managed solution for each establishment.

Displayed content includes promotional videos and social media updates. Signagelive provides full support for different content formats including static images, rolling video, web pages, IPTV, image layering, RSS feeds, portrait support, screen on and off control, as well as proof of play and proactive monitoring functionality.

Jason Cremins, CEO of Signagelive said “DAMOC Coolers give landlords and beverage companies a highly original way to increase customer engagement. Our cloud based solution provides Focal Media with an easy means to create and publish content to different establishments on the fly to help increase overall revenue.”

Kevin Hayes, Commercial Director, Focal Media says “We first began the creative for this project three years ago but transparent display technology wasn’t at an affordable price point then for a large scale roll out of this nature. We have worked closely with LG to create the bespoke Cooler Units and the reaction has been phenomenal. We have successfully created a platform that both Heineken and the outlet that it is being installed in can benefit from, introducing a high end technology solution into the environment that they can utilise for their own messaging purposes. It also creates a talking point amongst customers and with this, seeing is believing.”

Focal Media has previously won the APMC Award for ‘Best Alcoholic Beverage Marketing Award’ for its DAMOC Cooler technology.