Comwave Selects ABOX42 Smart Set-Top Box Platform For Its Next Generation IPTV Service

ABOX42 GmbH, a leading supplier of IPTV, OTT and Hybrid-DVB advanced Set-Top Box solutions announces that Comwave, Canada’s largest independent communications company selected ABOX42 M30-Series Smart Set-Top Box platform for its new ComwaveTV service which launched on September 25th.

Comwave offers internet and VoIP telephony services to consumer, business enterprise and wholesale in over 1100 cities in Canada and over 1,600 in the United States. The new ComwaveTV offering is an IPTV service offering Live TV, On Demand, Catchup and network PVR functionality within a rich EPG for a best in class TV experience.

The service is delivered to customers via the ABOX42 M30-Series Smart Set-Top Box Platform based on a dual core ARM processor supporting the latest technology including H.265/HEVC for efficient streaming of high definition broadcast and on-demand content. The deployment uses the ABOX42 software stack to provide total lifecycle management and is seamlessly integrated with middleware from Singularity for OTT service delivery along with advanced configuration features.

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On the software side the ABOX42 SmartSDK supports an ultra-fast HTML5 browser based user interface compatible with all major streaming formats for IPTV and OTT. In terms of security and future flexibility, the M30 is ready for Verimatrix VCAS and Playready.

“Our technical teams looked closely at the options and ABOX42 had the best balance of performance and rich software features plus a proven track record delivering successful IPTV projects,” said Yuval Barzakay, CEO of Comwave, “ComwaveTV is our first IPTV service and working closely with partners such as ABOX42 has allowed us to create both a compelling customer experience and an efficient and scalable platform to ensure lifecycle management and future service expansion.”

“We are proud to launch this project with Comwave which is an agile and ambitious company that has brought innovation to the internet and telephony market across North America and now adds TV to an exciting portfolio,” said Matthias Greve, CEO of ABOX42, “By building support for the widest range of streaming and security technologies along with our rich SDK, ABOX42 provides innovators such as Comwave the ability to launch fresh new services that can quickly adapt as the market evolves.”

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