Commercial LFDs Enjoy Growth, Says DisplaySearch

Shipments of large-format commercial LCD displays have risen in the USA for eight consecutive quarters – despite pressure from consumer TVs, hybrid displays and other lower-cost alternatives. NPD DisplaySearch data shows that 26″+ commercial display sell-through rose almost 10% YoY in 2012, 20% in 2013 and 33% in the first half of 2014.

While most LFD sell-through, via B2B channels, consists of consumer TVs, there is a growing market for specially-designed commercial models. These displays have features such as 24/7 usability, internal media players and a slim design. Most also have a three-year warranty as standard.

It is believed that the demand for screens capable of 24/7 operation will continue to grow, as more companies invest in public signage. Falling ASPs, higher resolutions and the increasing availability of 50″+ models have helped to raise demand.

Display Daily Comments

As DisplaySearch points out “Consumer televisions comprise the majority of large-format display sell-through via business-to-business channels in the United States, mainly due to their lower acquisition price and limited usage requirements”. Typically, consumer products are not rated for 24h continuous use. Nevertheless, looking at large sized displays in commercial applications in the US shows that all types of consumer grade TVs are the display of choice.

When we look at the dominant use of consumer TVs in commercial applications we have to be careful not to use the shown sales numbers as an indication for actual digital signage and Pro AV display demand in the US, as these numbers are much higher than indicated.
The sales trend shows,however, that commercial users are looking more at 24/7 rated professional displays even with the considerable higher initial purchasing cost. Also, commercial grade displays are typically offering other connectivity options that make them easier to use in larger digital signage networks. – Norbert Hildebrand