ClearChannel tests DooH Screens in Lucerne

Clear Channel Switzerland is testing digital signage in Lucerne, Switzerland and has installed dual 75″ outdoor totems, which include touch maps on one side. They will start in operation from April 2017. The company is running around 600 poster sites in the city.

A survey of 1000 will be conducted in April/May and September to judge reaction.

Analyst Comment

Separately, the Federal court in Switzerland has just overturned a decision of the Cantonal court in Lausanne, Switzerland which had said that the city of Lausanne should award contract to ClearChannel Switzerland (CCS). However, now the higher court has said that authorities should award it to Société Générale d’Affichage (SGA), the established supplier. News site, Le Temps, said that CCS has over 70% (70,000 display areas) market share in Switzerland compared to 24% for SGA.

One of two Digital displays to be tested in Lucerne by ClearChannel