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TV just like at home – for Indonesian viewers in Europe. The new pay TV platform is going on air today. The service for international communities in Europe is launching with seven popular Indonesian channels. can be received throughout Europe via satellite and internet.

A Chinese TV package featuring 18 channels is launching at the same time as the Indonesian service. Channels for Indian, Korean and Vietnamese communities will follow in November. is driven by the Hamburg-based company bubbles media, whose partners are among others the experienced German media managers Arnold C. Kulbatzki and Dr. Torsten Rossmann.

A bit of Indonesia abroad: breaks down barriers

Arnold C. Kulbatzki, founder and CEO: “ offers Indonesian viewers a convenient way to receive their favorite channels anywhere in Europe – via satellite or over the internet, live or as catch-up TV. customers only pay for the programming that they are really interested in: attractive television from their home countries. A single subscription grants access to almost every relevant TV channel from home – in the highest digital quality and entirely legal.” broadcasts four Indonesian channels throughout Europe via satellite: MNC Channel, drama Channel, MNC Infotainment and MNC World News. is available extensively across a large area of Europe via SES’s satellites at ASTRA 19.2 degrees East. To receive a signal on a TV device via satellite, a TV satellite receiver with a smartcard can be purchased. Receivers are available right from the start in Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and Great Britain. All seven channels that are part of the Indonesia package are also available for live-streaming on the Internet. also offers recorded shows, or “catch-up TV” for watching at a later point in time, whether on PC, tablet or smartphone. The range of services includes both general and special interest channels, and offers films, series, educational programming, documentaries and regional information. Further Indonesian channels are in preparation.

And in terms of service, too, makes it simple and provides the highest level of flexibility from the outset. The first month is free, and subscriptions can be canceled at any time. A transparent, fair price structure with monthly prices from EUR 6.95 makes joining easy. In contrast to many semi-legal or illegal services, customers can feel assured that their TV enjoyment is legally secure and does not break any laws.

Building bridges: Indonesian TV in Europe

Bubbles media brings together the experience and knowledge of major service providers to support its service offerings with premium content from their home.

MNC Media is the largest and most integrated media group in Southeast Asia. As part of MNC Media, MNC Contents holds the largest private library in Southeast Asia with a collection of over 265,000 hours and growing by over 15,000 per year.

The website, online now, offers more information on the service and reception.

The Indonesia package includes the following channels: MNC World News, MNC International, MNC Infotainment, MNC Drama, SineSia, Mistika and DMCtv.