China Maintains Large-Screen Lead

IHS says that demand for large-screen (55″+) TVs is ‘surging’ in China, as falling prices promote consumer adoption. Shipments of these sets rose almost 80% YoY in Q1’16, with many local brands offering steep discounts. This is almost double global growth.

3.8 million large-screen TVs were shipped in China in Q1, up from 2.1 million in Q1’15. Almost 66% of these were UltraHD sets; prices for UltraHD 55″+ Tvs fell 36% YoY in Q1. Some (very aggressive) brands in China even offered 65″ UltraHD TVs for under $900; the global average was $1,700.

Paul Gagnon of IHS said, “North America has traditionally been viewed as the key region for large-screen TV growth, owing to the region’s long history of leading global average sizes… However, in recent years China has surpassed North America in terms of average TV size, and the country has enjoyed much stronger growth in the 55-inch-and-larger category in the past year, even surpassing North America’s share of large-screen TVs.”

Overall global TV shipments were down 2% in Q1’16, to 49.1 million units. However, added value products like large-screen and UltraHD models are key to maintaining the market. UltraHD TV shipments rose 99% YoY (to 9.3 million units, a 19% market share). At the same time, the average TV screen size worldwide rose to a new high of 40.6″ – and almost 45″ in China.