Cabletime launches MediaStar Creator for Content Creation and Multi-Zone Signage

Cabletime, developer of the powerful MediaStar range of IPTV and digital media distribution solutions has launched Creator, its brand new content creation software that allows users to easily design and build digital signage assets for a wide range of enterprise applications before playing out on the MediaStar 782 DS media player.

MediaStar Creator fills the gap between simple, often static, presentations created in PowerPoint and expensive standalone tools that require considerable investment in training and finance, whilst still delivering an effective means to stream video live onto multiple displays.

Enhancement tools for dynamic displays
The new, intuitive program, which is suitable for both novice and more experienced designers, enables corporate livery, text, full HD images and live video streams to be further enhanced with crawls, clocks, transitions and effects and displayed across multiple zones. Designers can use industry standard image file types and graphical manipulation tools, such as Photoshop in conjunction with Creator which will also support RSS feeds and Web Page clips using the program’s dynamic content creator tool. The content can then be aggregated for dynamic display across numerous screens and information points within a company’s premises to facilitate information messaging, promotions, entertainment and to encourage viewer participation.

Creator’s flexibility allows the user to choose from a range of digital signage templates and inspiration galleries, or create their own bespoke templates to reinforce corporate branding using a wide variety of fonts and colour ways from Creator’s comprehensive in-built library. They will also benefit from the MediaStar Tools feature, which applies display characteristics including schedule and page sequencing for the created content. It then exports the completed project across the IP network to the selected MediaStar 782 DS media players maintaining playback control over individual pages or the entire design.

Designers can dynamically adjust and revise content and sequence messaging so that it is always topical and eye catching or even reschedule previously created pages for maximum impact.

Creation Corner
Creator users will have online access to Cabletime’s ‘Creation Corner’ portal. This will be an invaluable support mechanism providing training videos and a training booking facility; useful hints and tips on using Creator; technical manuals and information on new software updates, plus a link directly to the library of pre-built Creator pages and backgrounds for download.

Content Creation Service
To support the launch of MediaStar Creator, Cabletime is also offering a content creation service. This will help new users to design their first branded templates for maximum impact, and will continue to be available to those customers looking to outsource their digital signage content creation requirements. The service is available through the Creation Corner portal.

“Demand for intuitive, sophisticated and creative software that enriches digital signage but is fast to implement is growing daily,” said Shaun Oxenham, CEO at Cabletime. “By launching the easy-to-use but highly impactful Creator and Tools package, combined with the MediaStar 782 DS and AV media players, we are filling a gap in the market for a comprehensive solution that delivers both enhanced signage and live video streams and will be suitable for enterprise needs now and in the future.”

The MediaStar range provides TV/AV and multimedia distribution products primarily for medium to large enterprises, which require future-proof, stable and proven solutions for live TV, corporate communications, multicasts, music TV, training and digital signage.