Bureau Veritas Laboratory Offers Testing for Wearable Devices

Bureau Veritas Laboratory, which claims to be the global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC), has announced a new service centered around wearable devices. Veritas Labs already offers many testing and certification services in relation to electronic devices and now it is bundling these services to address the specific needs of wearable devices.

With wearable devices being high on the list for Holiday shopping, there is the risk of high return rates and even product recalls. Bureau Veritas Laboratories offers services that can help reduce those risks for wireless requirements, information security, chemical, safety and quality needs.

The company offers:


  • Wireless testing (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, …)
  • Chemical testing including allergens/nickel release
  • EMC testing
  • Safety testing
  • Wireless charging testing (QI Certification)


  • Reliability/ingress protection testing
  • Consumer panel evaluation
  • Comparison testing
  • Battery life testing
  • Antenna performance testing
  • Security/Safety
  • APP interoperability testing across multiple platforms
  • Connectivity
  • Quality of service
  • Security

The service is available for factories and trading companies, as well as brands and retailers. While certain certification is a necessity, other features may lead to issues in this field in the future. Of course, any serious test program needed to start long before December to affect this Holiday season. On the other hand not all CE companies may be aware of the requirements for wearable devices that exist in various parts of the world. – Norbert Hildebrand