BrightSign Collaborates on Series 3 Players

BrightSignBrightSign is launching its Series 3 range of digital signage media players at DSE2017 in the US this month (although we’ve been covering them for some months!). Signagelive, ComQi and Four Winds Interactive have all collaborated with BrightSign and integrated their platforms with the Series 3.

As part of its integration work, Signagelive developed an optimised version of its HTML5 based solution, which the firms claims is in ‘daily use’ by over 1,700 digital signage networks worldwide.

The combined BrightSign and Signagelive digital media player solution provides 100% support for scheduling including; recurrence, validity and tag based publishing, widget support, web-trigger support and proof-of-play reporting. The combined solution also is compatible with the recently launched Signagelive Marketplace, which comprised over 500 pre-built digital signage pieces of content.

BrightSign resellers and customers can also make use of a suite of developer APIs for media management, device monitoring, content publishing and reporting enabling code-level integration with Signagelive.

Brightsign Series 3