Biel Glasses and Panasonic demonstrate Life-Changing Smart Glasses for the Visually Impaired at CES 2023

Biel Glasses and Panasonic are unveiling for the first time the smart glasses that support the visually impaired, which the two companies have been working together to develop since 2021. 

Biel Glasses is a Barcelona-based start-up that develops smart glasses to solve the mobility problems of visually impaired people, enabling a strong increase in their autonomy. The company was founded by a medical doctor and an engineer who wanted a solution for Biel, their son, who was born with low vision. Biel Glasses’ technology uses AI and robotics to understand the scene, and mixed reality to adapt it to the patients’ remaining vision. 

The joint product integrates Panasonic’s lightweight 5.2K HDR capable VR goggles with Biel Glasses’ technology for low vision. It solves the mobility issues caused by low vision, which are most severe when there is peripheral vision loss (commonly known as tunnel vision, an effect of diseases like glaucoma and retinitis pigmentosa, among other causes), allowing users to perceive obstacles and other hazards, so they can move around safely and independently.

Main product features

1. Supporting autonomous movement

AI and robotics are used to analyze the scene contents captured by cameras and sensors in real time, detecting hazards to mobility, such as obstacles, steps, holes, etc. Mixed reality is then used to notify them in a way that the user can perceive them, by means of graphical indications adapted to the user’s remaining vision.

2. Vision support according to visual characteristics

Optometrists adjust the functions of the smart glasses according to each patient’s specific condition and needs. It assists their eyesight with optimal image processing (zoom, adaptation to lighting, contrast enhancement etc.). 

3. Reduced wearing burden

By adopting μOLED display panels and pancake lenses for the image display of smart glasses, we have achieved compact size, light weight, and low power consumption. This makes it easy to move independently and reduces the burden of wearing.  

Biel Glasses and Panasonic will continue to advance the necessary technological development and clinical verification for the commercialization of low vision support solutions. 

About Biel Glasses

Biel Glasses, a Barcelona-based start-up founded in 2017, uses cutting edge technologies including AI, robotics and mixed reality to develop smart glasses that solve the mobility problems of visually impaired people, enabling a strong increase in their autonomy. 

Biel Glasses innovates to improve the quality of life of visually impaired people by giving them independence and confidence, so that they can perform the same activities as anyone else.

Certified with the European Seal of Excellence by the European Commission, Biel Glasses has won numerous international grants and awards such as the Healthy Longevity Catalyst Award 2021 by EIT Health & U.S. National Academy of Medicine, the Global Patient Innovator Award 2022 awarded by the HIMSS, or the European Patient Digital Health Award (PDHA) 2021.