BenQ Launches GS1

BenQ announces a new outdoor entertainment solution that will transform camping at night into an experience that you’ll never forget. GS1 will soon become the outdoor camping gear you won’t leave at home!

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, July, 25th, 2016 – BenQ, the global provider of digital lifestyle innovations, announces a new outdoor entertainment solution that will transform camping at night into an experience that you’ll never forget. GS1 will soon become the outdoor camping gear you won’t leave home without!

Lee Conway, CEO and President, BenQ Corporation commented, ” As camping and outdoor holidays continue to grow in popularity, families are searching for new activities that help them spend quality time together. The GS1 is the ideal solution, delivering portable entertainment that’s suitable for all ages. We are delighted to launch this new outdoor projector, it’s small enough to fit into any space ensuring it will part of your essential camping kit.”

Rewrite the Rules.

Streaming online content like movies, music and videos in seconds has never been simpler, you can also use the Phone App and share content direct from your phone; GS1 is a plug and play, palm-sized portable LED projector with built-in USB readers. You’ll be the envy of other campers, hassle free and with no cables you can just sit back, relax and enjoy some well-earned downtime. Stream audio to your Bluetooth speakers and listen to truly memorable audio that’s just like a night at the movies. GS1 has a 3-hour battery more than enough to last the evening. When you need more battery life just swap it out and enjoy the rest of your evening – this cable free solution is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

Impress Your Friends. Entertain in Seconds

Wherever you set up camp, with a simple one touch button, GS1 will power up in just 3 seconds– so you can expand your world and entertain friends in style! The hassle free GS1 portable projector features an intuitive user interface with inputs that enable multimedia entertainment and online streaming. Auto keystone adjusts the image to suit the screen – whether it’s your tent, caravan or motorhome. The first time you use it, GS1’s set-up wizard makes it simple for non-technical users to get started and it will save your settings automatically, so the next time you use it you are ready to go! Wherever you set up, the feet can be manually adjusted to suit the height of your temporary screen- the GS1 is ready to go wherever you are.

Outdoor Camping Gear Designed to Cope with Every Day Family Life

GS1 has a standard rubber case, perfect for families who need a little more protection. Even if it’s accidentally knocked onto the floor, the GS1 with its optional case is Drop proof, which means it will even survive a fall of 60cm. What if a drink gets spilt? There’s no need to worry because GS1’s rubberized case is also IPX1 Splash Proof. Unlike other projectors, the GS1 emits low heat making it safe enough for inquisitive children to touch without hurting their hands.

So Small You’ll Never Leave Home Without It

Packing for a camping holiday can be stressful when space is at a premium. The GS1 (13.9cm x 14.6cm) is small enough to fit into any car trunk or caravan cupboard. Compact but powerful, the GS1 and battery weighs just 1kg and fits into the palm of your hand. With one of the shortest lenses, GS1 can project 60” screen at just one meter so you won’t upset your neighbors taking up additional space.

Enjoy a Movie Experience That’s Out of This World

Even in low light, the GS1 will project against your tent, caravan or motorhome and delivers superb image quality every time. GS1 has several picture modes: Camping is the default which is brighter than Movie mode to take into account the light outdoors at night. In addition, there is Vivid mode so when you get home you can use this palm sized projector again and again and adjust the mode with one touch to suit you.

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