BenQ D-Series Offers Multiple Scenarios

BenQ America has introduced three new display product lines, with 10 total models. For clarity, we have split them into three separate articles!

Four 55″ units make up the D-Series of dual-sided displays. The DH550C, DL550C, DH550F and DL550F (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 20) possess high reliability; each is rated for 50,000 hours of use, even when operated non-stop. They can be used in both landscape and portrait orientation. BenQ says an increased number of solid fixing points at the edges is designed prevent image distortion (mura) when the units are mounted vertically.

Previous generations of dual-sided displays were in excess of 25mm thick. The new D-Series is 23.6mm thick, so can be used in more applications; for example, inside automatic doors (already in use in Taiwan). The screens can be ceiling-mounted (DH550C, DL550C) or in a wheeled, free-standing totem (DH550F, DL550F).

All displays have 1920 x 1080 resolution; a 3,000:1 contrast ratio; 178 deg viewing angles; 60Hz refresh rate; and 6.5ms response time. They cover 72% of the NTSC gamut and can show 8-bit colour. Each features HDMI (x2) inputs.

While the DL displays feature 450 cd/m² of brightness, the DH models feature one 450 cd/m² screen and one 700 cd/m² screen.

The D-Series is available in the USA now and will arrive in Europe in early 2015.