AV Stumpfl Brings Dinosaurs to Life

By Tom Allen

AV Stumpfl has helped Disney World, Florida, to upgrade their projection show in the T-Rex Café at Disney Springs. A large section of the dining area is located underneath a night-time scene; several times an hour, a meteor shower streaks overheard, and later a massive asteroid smashes into the earth. Five UltraHD projectors, which required lamp changes, were used for this. AV Stumpfl replaced the projectors with two from Digital Projection, using a solid-state light source. In addition, the company supplied its own Wings Vioso system, which automatically realigns images and blends after maintenance is performed. Finally, the legacy show controller (also an AV Stumpfl model) was replaced with the Wings Engine and 12 Wings IObox relay controllers, which drive the animatronic dinosaurs in the café.