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Samsung Raises the Bar with Ultra Versions of S22 and Tab S8

by Bob O'Donnell

In an era when annual product refreshes have become expected, probably one of the hardest things for any tech company to do is generate excitement for its latest round. Inevitably there’s discussion about the …

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Samsung’s Latest Foldables Show Benefits of Refinements

by Bob O'Donnell

If you look back at the history of many important tech product introductions, an interesting pattern tends to emerge. Even products that—at their debut—seemed to be remarkable breakthroughs, often didn’t really make their true …

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Videoconferencing Challenge Looming

by Bob O'Donnell

As both California and New York have now lifted a majority of their pandemic-induced restrictions for stores, restaurants, businesses, and other indoor environments, it is hard not to think about the potential impact to …


Will Conference Rooms Help or Hurt in the Return to Work?

by Bob O'Donnell

Pity the poor conference room. Often maligned in the past for being the source of enormous amounts of wasted time, they’re now expected to power new levels of productivity and collaboration in the forthcoming …

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Nvidia Purchase of Arm Completely Resets Semiconductor Landscape

by Bob O'Donnell

Wow. That’s about all you can say to what could prove to be one of the biggest semiconductor purchases in the multi-decade history of the chip business. The amazing irony is that this $40 …

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Wearable Power Limits Pose Display Challenges

by Bob O'Donnell

One of the many challenges the wearable market faces has to do with battery limitations and physical size. The simple fact is that batteries require a relatively large amount of space and that’s not …

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