AUO Replaces Polariser with Filter in Flexible OLED

OLED.Net reported that AUO showed a new flexible (folding inward and outward) OLED at the recent IDW event in Japan. The panel was based on a white OLED + filter architecture with a 10 μm thick filter layer. The overall thickness is 100μm and special layers are used for encapsulation and the transistor array. The company replaced a typical polariser layer with a colour filter and this halved the power consumption, while increasing the power by 3X at 300cd/m².

Feature Specification
Size 5″
Resolution 1280 x 720
Pixel Density 295ppi
NTSC% Coverage 1
Panel Brightness 300 cd/m²
OLED Power 824 mW
Colour Shift Δu’v’ (0-45º) pf Red 0
R% with AR Film 0
Reflective hue (Δa*b*) 2
Folding repeats 1,000,000 with 4mm radius

Changes in luminance ratio according to the folding time in inward and outward folding condition, IDW 2016