AUO Not Pessimistic about Business Outlook for 2H17


Despite the recent turbulence in the TV market including the downward spiral of panel prices, AUO’s management believes that the prospects of the panel industry for the second half of 2017 are not pessimistic as the third quarter is traditionally a peak season and the end-market demand still remains solid.

Demand for high-end and large-sized panels for TV, IT and business applications was high in the second quarter, allowing AUO to operate at full capacity with satisfactory results. AUO posted net profits of NT$9.8 billion (US$323.6 million) in FY17 Q2

For the third quarter, AUO expects shipments of its large-sized panels to remain flat or edge higher as compared to the previous quarter with their ASP staying flat or dipping slightly, while shipments of small- to medium-sized panels will also remain flat.