AUO Bringing 85″ Bezel-less 8K4K ALCD TV Display to Touch Taiwan 2018

AU Optronics will showcase what it is calling the world’s largest 85″ 8K4K bezel-less ALCD TV display at Touch Taiwan 2018 in Taipei this week. The TV combines HDR, 120Hz refresh rate and quantum dot wide colour gamut technologies.

Public information display solutions for transportation will also be demonstrated, featuring high resolution, brightness and contrast, anti-reflection technology, power-saving features and high durability to meet stringent demands for quality and stability in transportation hubs such as airports and stations, the company said.

AUO says it has devoted substantial research and development efforts to proactively developing related technologies, including 8K4K resolution (7680 × 4320), HDR, ultra-high refresh rate, quantum dot, wide colour gamut and curved design.

The company’s 85″ 8K4K ALCD TV display including the proprietary use of gate-on-array technology in its bezel-less design. Its HDR technology incorporates 1200 cd/m² peak brightness and ultra-low reflectance and a 120Hz ultra high refresh rate enhances image smoothness. Meanwhile, the quantum dot wide colour gamut technology offers colour saturation of over NTSC 110%.

AUO will also showcase stretched, outdoor, dual-sided and extreme narrow-bezel video wall public information displays (PID) for train station concourses and platforms, coaches and outdoor and semi-outdoor venues that require long operating hours, providing passengers with real-time travel information and advertisements.

Among the exhibits, the 37″ and 42″ stretched displays can be oriented in landscape or portrait modes. The company says that these displays have passed the international standard for electronic equipment used for railway applications to ensure quality and endurance under harsh environments, such as high temperature, humidity and vibration.

Outdoor commercial signage such as 21.5″, 32″ and 65″ displays feature high brightness, high durability and high performance and stability, the company says. They are suitable for outdoor and semi-outdoor venues such as station platforms and bus stops. Under direct sunlight, the displays adjust brightness accordingly, saving power to attain optimal viewing performance.