ATEME Extends its High Dynamic Range Support by Integrating Technicolor’s Enhanced HDR Distribution Technology

ATEME announced today that it is extending its HDR support by integrating Technicolor’s enhanced HDR distribution technology into its TITAN solutions. The announcement extends the HDR functionality available to content owners, distributors and other service providers that use ATEME’s encoding technology.

ATEME’s TITAN is a multi-codec/format video transcoding software, for Live and File applications. TITAN delivers the highest video quality at minimum bitrates with accelerated parallel processing. For HDR, TITAN can leverage SMPTE ST 2084 Perceptual Quantizer Electro-Optical Transfer Function and SMPTE ST 2086 color grading metadata, in addition to HEVC UHD and BT.2020 color space, and now SMPTE ST 2094 color volume transformation dynamic metadata.

“Over the last two years, ATEME worked closely with leading Hollywood studios, TV manufacturers and STB chipset vendors to ensure end-to-end UHD-4K HDR interoperability. The TITAN with HDR support has been installed by numerous tier-1 service providers, studios and networks, enabling a risk free deployment of an integrated proven solution,” said Mickaël Raulet, R&D Manager at ATEME.

“Technicolor’s HDR distribution solution addresses key video distribution issues that affect the entire ecosystem. For studios, our HDR technology ensures the delivery of image quality that preserves the creative intent when the content was conceived. For broadcasters, our technology addresses key bandwidth management and backwards compatibility issues to provide a cost effective way to support the installed base of SDR and HDR displays. Finally, because it is a single stream solution, Technicolor’s approach to HDR reduces complexity by only requiring a single decoder on CE devices,” said Teddy Florent, Senior Product Director, HDR & Video Technologies at Technicolor.