Asus Takes Workers From Tablets for VR/AR

Asus’s CEO, Jerry Shen, has said that the company is accelerating the development of its robotics and VR businesses, to counter the continued weakness of its PC and tablet arms.

“We have been reallocating resources, engineers and software developers from our tablet unit to the robotics, VR and AR teams to enhance the new businesses,” Shen told said at an investors’ conference.

Asus plans to unveil ‘total solutions’ for VR at CES 2017, including a headset and joystick bundle with a desktop PC. The firm is apparently talking to large VR content creators such as SteamVR and Oculus VR to built content.

The AR solutions are likely to be mobile, and Asus is working with ‘an international company’ to build applications, said Shen. He added that Asus’s first AR app is likely to be similar to Pokémon Go.