Asus & Acer Down in 2017

Asustek Computer saw July sales of NT$31.6 billion ($1.04 billion), dropping 18.8% MoM and 5.3% YoY. This resulted in revenue for the year to date of NT$237.1 billion ($7.8 billion), down 7.4%.

Delta Electronics saw July revenue of NT$19.2 billion ($632.2 million), up 2.5% MoM and 2.3% YoY. This resulted in year-to-date turnover of NT$121.6 billion ($4.0 billion), up 2.2%.

Micro-Star International (MSI) saw July revenue fall 5.3% MoM and 12.4% YoY to NT$9.4 billion ($309.4 million). This brought year-to-date turnover to NT$57.2 billion ($1.9 billion), up 5%.

Pegatron reported July turnover of NT$93.9 billion ($3.1 billion), giving increases of 16.8 MoM and 13.9% YoY. This contributed to revenue for January to July of NT$573.5 billion ($18.9 billion), a rise of 1.8% from a year earlier.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) recorded July turnover of NT$71.6 billion ($2.4 million), down 14.9% MoM and 6.3% YoY. This brought revenue for the year to date to NT$519.4 billion ($17.1 million), up 3.5% from a year earlier. The company expects sales to improve from August.