At DSE Asianda Shows China’s Ready for US Market

Several other new products of interest were announced at DSE, including China-based display company Asianda (short for Asian Digital Apparatus.) Digital Signage products including a 55″ dual-LCD display with player that can show different sets of content on each side. It also features a hanging mount system and due to the thin LCD panels used (just 45.6mm in the dual display stack) the sign is very light. A similar 55″ dual display panel technology (although at just 26mm thickness) was highlighted in the BenQ booth and the company was calling it a “worldwide launch” at DSE (although we saw it at ISE & CeBIT – Man. Ed.).

This was the first entrance into digital signage for the Taiwan-based company that did not demonstrate at ISE. Bob Wudeck at BenQ told us his version of this sign will sell as a complete package with media player for $10K and because it is super light, can be hung in portrait or landscape mode and weighs in at under 100 lbs (45kg) complete. Asianda’s price was TBD and is based on volume, but you can bet they will meet or beat the BenQ number as needed.

The intent of Asianda was to come to DSE featuring a large format 3D display in its 90″ UltraHD (using a Sharp panel), with a ‘naked-eye’ 3D (no glasses) but it didn’t quite make it to the show. The product manager, Paul Lei told us the giant display was held up in customs in Los Angeles.

He described it as a nine-zone system using proprietary 3D film with “no viewing angle issues” at a 5m viewing distance. I was told by Lei that the display also features eye-tracking software (for “personal” use, we were told). He also said the top market for the 90″ 3D display in China is boutique theatres (for one or two couples) that want to watch videos together. The company sells these displays in China for about $25,000 each and has deployed a little less than 200 in the country so far.

Perhaps most interesting, in the booth we also found the company supports a host of other digital sign solutions including a line of (gen. 4) video wall monitors with sizes that include 46″, 47″, 55″ and 60″ diagonal with bezels gaps at 6.7mm, 4.9mm, 3.5mm and 6.5mm respectively. They will also tile a 42″ display with a 22mm gap, according to Lei.

Asianda offers a 65″ touch interactive whiteboard that did make it to the show. This was a dual Windows/Android OS system offering IR touch and special features including picture in picture capabilities. Asianda also offers a complete line of touch screen LCD kiosks ranging from 19″ to 65″, with resolutions of XGA up to full-HD.

In all, this company seemed to have a rather complete line of the latest display technology developments including large format UHD displays in standard and 3D capabilities, IR interactive whiteboard/monitors that run both Windows and Android, dual sided monitors with embedded media players plus a complete line of floor standing kiosks. The company is already servicing a host of customers in China and is now looking to expand into the US DOOH market. In China, Asianda also goes by the name Shenzhen Yaxunda LCD Display Equipment Co. Ltd. but I was told it’s “too difficult” for Americans to pronounce, so they changed the name just for us!