Asahi Glass Result 01/08/2017

Asahi Glass announced its FY17 H1 result with consolidated revenues of ¥689.9 billion ($6.2 billion) and net income of ¥41.2 billion ($370 million), resulting in a net margin of 6%. The revenues increased by 10% on a yearly basis while the net income jumped by an impressive 39%.

The growth in business was primarily due to the increased volume of shipments in each business segment as well as the consolidation of acquisitions made in 2017. The chemicals segment recorded the highest growth with 33.6% on a yearly basis while the glass segment and electronics segments witnessed 4.1% and 0.7% growth, respectively.

The forecast for complete FY17 revenues is ¥1450.0 billion ($13.1 billion) with a 13% growth over the previous year.