Apple Upgrades tvOS and iOS

Apple has updated the tvOS software for Apple TV and the software for iPhone to version 10. Each has a number of changes, including a ‘Dark mode’ which adds a dark background.

The tvOS upgrade only applies currently to the fourth generation Apple TV and details were announced at the developer’s conference in June. Apple has said that there are now 6,000 native apps released since the early part of the year, when the company said that there would be an App store for the platform. (Apps Appear for Apple TV). Siri has been improved when searching the movie and TV databases and can also search YouTube. There’s also a new Apple TV remote app and iPhones can be used as game pads. Other features include a single sign-on.

iOS sees a lot of new features – see the details here.

Analyst Comment

It strikes me that the ‘Dark mode’ may well be a way for Apple to start to wean people away from bright backgrounds which penalise OLEDs because of the increased power consumption. It’s currently on the tvOS, but is expected to make it to iOS. (BR)