Apple Launches iPad Air 2 With a Focus on Display

Apple has launched a new upgrade to its popular iPad flagship tablet with a focus on the display, where Apple has added a new anti-reflective coating. The company claims its new retina class display in the iPad Air2 is 56% less reflective than previous generations. That should offer better ambient light viewing of the display. The new iPad Air2 is also, remarkably, thinner than the pencil thin previous generation iPad Air. It now clocks in at a mere 6.1mm and weighs less than 1 pound (0.96lb.- 0.44Kg). But it’s the new improved retina display that Apple spent time describing, with claims of enhanced contrast and better colors than the previous generation.

At the event, Apple went to great pains to show professional image editing applications on its new mobile devices, and featured a powerful photo application Pixelmator (Adobe Photoshop replacement) now available for iOS8, plus an impressive video editing app, both on stage at the company roll-out.

The company also responded to other top requested features in the upgrade, according to Apple’s product VP Phil Shiller, who said the tablet will also offer a “…second generation 64-bit A8X chip, all-new iSight and FaceTime HD cameras, faster Wi-Fi and LTE wireless, and includes the revolutionary Touch ID fingerprint identity sensor