Apple Joins Wireless Power Consortium

Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). Industry sources have suggested that a possible reason is that Apple is planning to use wireless charging in its next generation iPhone.

Based on a survey by IHS Technology, over 90% of consumers want wireless charging and this may be the reason that prompted Apple to join the WPC.

IHS Technology also indicated that this year, the worldwide market for wireless charging is expected to exceed 350 million units. Samsung has been mainly responsible for the current volume of wireless charging, by backing the technology. Apple’s move will encourage others in the industry to follow suit.

Shipments of wireless charging devices grew by 40% in 2016 but the figures were lower than expected possibly due to the continued absence of the iPhone and the wait for the launch of magnetically resonant devices.

Both WPC and the AirFuel Alliance are the major industry groups trying to set the standard for wireless charging. WPC supports the Qi standard, which is based on an inductive charging technology and the AirFuel Alliance supports Rezense as well. Rezense is based on the principles of magnetic resonance, although this technology has not yet been used in smartphones.

Whilst the AirFuel Alliance made an announcement welcoming Apple to the wireless charging fold, WPC, which Apple joined, has remained silent on the issue.

WPC ecosystem – click for higher resolution