Apple Focuses on Software at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC keynote, held on the 13th June, introduced many announcements aimed at bringing Apple devices closer together. Sadly, though, there was little in terms of display news – the event really focused on software.

Credit: ReutersA new version of WatchOS (WatchOS 3) was discussed, which is able to load apps as much as seven times faster than the second-generation software. Apple has accomplished this using background refreshing, and storing apps in memory. Navigation is also said to be simpler and more iPhone-like.

Also new to the Apple Watch will be a keyboard called Scribble, where users can draw individual letters to respond to messages and emails.

Although less than a year old, tvOS now holds more than 1,300 video channels and 6,000 apps. Apple announced new apps to be added like Dish’s Sling and Fox Sports Go, too. A smartphone app is also due to be released that will mimic the functionality of the Apple TV remote. It will support touch for navigation and Siri for voice commands, as well as phones’ sensors for game control.

Two new developer kits were also shown: ReplayKit, used to live broadcast or save gameplay, and HomeKit, which can be used to control all of the devices in a connected home.

Other announcements were smaller. Apple is opening Siri up to app developers (it will able to, for instance, call a cab using Uber, or search for Pinterest photos), and adding Siri to the desktop. Speaking of the desktop, OS X has been renamed to macOS, and Apple Pay is being added to Safari.