Apple Drops to Third Place in Q2 Wearables Results


Xiaomi and Fitbit have overtaken Apple in the wearables market, which grew by 8% in Q2, according to new figures reported by Canalys.

Xiaomi shipped 3.5 million units over the last three months. Meanwhile, Fitbit wasn’t far behind with 3.3 million, though this represented a 34% decline year-on-year.

Apple wasn’t following as closely with 2.7 million shipments. The report highlights the fact that Apple only sell smartwatches, whereas Xiaomi and Fitbit specialise in fitness trackers.

Apple Falls to 3rd place Q2 17

Canalys also predicts that the wearables industry will enjoy a significant boost in the second half of 2017, with the launch of cellular-capable smartwatches, forecast to ship 12 million units by the end of the year.