Apple Axes 600 Jobs Amidst Car and Screen Project Closures

According to Bloomberg, Apple has laid off over 600 employees across California, signaling the end of its ambitious car and smartwatch display projects. This action follows the company’s filings with the California Employment Development Department under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) program, which mandates companies to report layoffs.

The layoffs affected employees at various Apple locations, with at least 87 of them working at a secretive facility dedicated to next-generation screen development. The remaining staff were part of Apple’s automotive project team. The decision to terminate these projects comes after the company identified challenges and uncertainties that plagued both initiatives.

Apple’s car project, a major venture into the automotive industry, was halted due to executive indecision and concerns over the project’s direction and financial viability. Similarly, the smartwatch display initiative faced obstacles related to engineering, supplier issues, and cost overruns, leading to its discontinuation.

I guess the company was afraid of thinking too different about a lot of things.