AOPEN Module Turns Sharp Displays Into PCs


Electronics manufacturer AOPEN has launched a new module to turn Sharp professional displays into PCs, capable of running any Windows® 10 app. The AOPEN Mini OPS module (PNZB03PC) allows users to add PC functions to Sharp’s latest professional displays, and supports 4K content.

Mini OPS is a newly developed and smaller format of the original Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) introduced by Intel in 2010, that has become a worldwide standard for digital displays.

The PNZB03PC effectively turns a Sharp display into a computer, without any wires or cables. The module has a small form factor and fanless design, making it quiet and energy efficient. It offers the performance and advantages of the latest low-power, cost-effective Intel Processors, including the capability to deliver 4K visuals. It comes pre-loaded with Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise OS.

Recent reports show that the retail sector is currently seen as the highest adopter of displays for in-store promotion. However, the use of large format displays in the corporate, healthcare and educational sectors is increasing, with companies putting displays in their reception areas, in waiting areas and classrooms to share information.

This diversification, with different sectors using digital signage in different ways, is creating a new demand for adaptable integrations. Thecollaboration between AOPEN and Sharp aims to meet this need, creating a more flexible and manageable solution for digital signage.

“Integrating AOPEN’s Open Pluggable Specifications with the award-winning display solutions from Sharp enables industry-leading capability for a rich user experience. Further the operational benefits are flexible, industrial grade solutions that are ideal for the heavy demands of commercialuse, such as 24/7 uptime and centralised device management,” says Joy Chua, Global Marketing & Strategic Partnerships, AOPEN.

Birgit Sommerer, Commercial Director, Sharp Visual Solutions, said: “We are constantly looking at ways to improve the user experience of our digital displays and we are pleased to work with AOPEN to launch this new module.”

“We added a Mini-OPS extension slot to our new generation displays to give people the flexibility to extend the functions of their displays. AOPEN’s module gives you the freedom to handle more types of content than a normal media player for signage in retail or in the office. The possibilities of this plug-in format are vast and we look forward to working with our partners on adding new functions.”

AOPEN’s PNZB03PC Mini OPS module is available now from Sharp. It can be used with all Sharp interactive and professional display models which feature the Mini OPS expansion slot. For more information visit Sharp’s website.