TVs and Tablets to Dominate OLED Share

OLED panel revenue fell 4% YoY in 2014, says Korea’s UBI Research, due to low sales of the Galaxy S5. Additionally, many TV manufacturers -including Samsung – are now looking at quantum dot LCD TVs, rather than OLED models, as the ‘next-generation’ of display technology.

In its new 2015 OLED Display Annual Report, UBI predicts that OLED technology will begin to cement its place in 2015 – despite the fall last year. Flexible displays and TVs will be the main applications.

While there are many manufacturers who view rollable displays as the final stage of flexible display development, UBI believes that this would be too limiting for a mobile device. Components would be under-developed and there may be heating problems. Thus, it is expected that rollable technology will first be applied to large screens, not mobiles.

The market for AMOLED panels will grow at a 30% CAGR to 2020, ending the forecast period at a value of $46 billion. TVs and tablet PCs will take a 30% sales share, followed by smartphones.

OLED panel growth will accelerate after 2017, says UBI, as Chinese manufacturers are expected to invest in large-scale production between 2016 and 2017.