Amazon Launches Beta Version of Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

Amazon has launched a beta version of its Alexa Gadgets Toolkit, which enables manufacturers to develop gadgets that can be paired with Amazon Echo devices via Bluetooth. The list of developers currently taking part in the beta programme includes Baby Plus, eKids, Gemmy Industries, Hasbro, Novalia and WowWee Group.

Most of the manufacturers involved in the beta are keeping their cards close to their chest in terms of what they’re actually developing, although a few have revealed they are creating immersive play experiences for kids, while WowWee has teased a smart toothbrush with Alexa features, and Baby Plus is making a rubber duck that can stream music and control smart home devices.

Gadgets will be sold on the Amazon storefront, with the first — an updated version of Big Mouth Billy Bass from Gemmy Industries, complete with Alexa voice control features — hitting the store later this year.