AGC’s Clearsight Suitable for Outdoor Use

Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) has begun sales of a new, anti-reflective glass called Clearsight. The product possesses higher resistance to chemicals and the weather.

A special coating is applied to the inner and outer faces of the glass, lowering reflectance and minimising reflections.

Up to this point, AGC has been using imported anti-reflective glass, although it was not suitable for outdoor use. Clearsight can be used both indoors and outdoors. It can also be processed into double glazing and laminated glass.

While normal 5mm-thick ‘float’ glass has around an 8% reflectance, AGC claims to have reduced this to 0.8%. As well as the 5mm thickness, 3mm, 8mm and 10mm options are available. The maximum size of a piece of Clearsight glass is 3.6m x 2.4m.

Manufacturing is underway at AGC’s Kashima plant. Clearsight is on sale in Japan now.

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Although this glass is currently for regular applications, rather than displays, the technology clearly has applications in displays. (BR)