ADB extends capability of vuTyme hotel iTV platform with vuCaster solution for streaming from personal devices

ADB, a leading provider of solutions and services for media convergence, has announced that it is extending the capability of its vuTyme next-generation managed services hotel iTV solution to enable guests to stream content directly from their mobile devices. ADB is introducing a complementary solution, vuCaster, which augments vuTyme by allowing users to ‘cast’ their personalised programming from YouTube, Netflix, Pandora and other premium content providers onto the bigger in-room screen.

ADB is launching vuCaster at the Hotel Technology Next Generation (HTNG) Conference in Barcelona, Spain, which takes place October 25-27. The launch follows the European debut of the vuTyme end-to-end in-room TV platform at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in hotAmsterdam last month, after its initial launch at HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show, in New Orleans in June. At both events, vuTyme received positive market reception from leading players in the business TV and hotel industries.

vuTyme delivers a complete set of in-room services, including live TV, Video on Demand (VOD), Pay-per-view (PPV), concierge, digital signage and targeted advertisements. In addition, it offers Searchable Interactive Program Guide (IPG) and Over-the-Top (OTT) services, along with direct-to-guest messaging through the TV, local attractions map with QR Code, Pause/Rewind/Fast-Forward Live TV, and other guest-friendly features. vuTyme operates in the cloud, requiring no hotel head-end equipment – just a compact set-back box discretely mounted behind the TV.

To use smartphones, tablets, portable computers and other mobile devices to mirror application content to the in-room TV, a hotel guest simply uses the vuTyme on-screen menu to access vuCaster. Once enabled, guests can stream content from an array of ‘cast-aware’ applications.

How ‘vuCaster’ screencasting works

Guests can also stream their personal photos, videos, and music to the TV through vuCaster, while at the same time freeing up their mobile device for other activities.

vuCaster addresses several challenges facing hoteliers by:
· permitting guests to easily switch between vuCaster and other vuTyme TV features;
· providing quick activation without requiring guests to enter their OTT account credentials into a foreign device;
· and allowing streaming from the hotel’s WiFi network.

vuCaster is powered by Google Cast™ (a registered trademark of Google Inc). It is available on all new vuTyme deployments and can be retrofitted to existing installations.

Peter Balchin, ADB’s Chief Executive Officer, comments: “vuTyme and vuCaster build on 20 years of ADB offering the best and most useful interactive features for its customers. As the provider of 100 million at-home television set-top boxes and broadband gateway systems around the world, we fully understand what TV providers and their own customers have, use and want when it comes to television today. And we continually innovate to provide businesses with the tools necessary to meet consumer expectations. Our longstanding experience in developing TV technology and understanding viewer behaviour enables us to better design and deploy the next generation of iTV for the hotel environment.”

To guide the development of vuTyme by finding out exactly what both guests and hoteliers want in an in-room entertainment solution, ADB commissioned an independent study through the Consultancy at Pointer’s Ridge.

Chris Dinallo, ADB’s Senior Vice-President of Business TV, explains: “Hoteliers asked for an iTV solution that is high quality, easy to use, and offers fast and reliable service. We answered with a solution that creates the best in-room experience for hotel guests while offering a true service platform for hoteliers. As a result, we not only provide 200 HD channels but free VOD titles as well as pay-per-view, the access to personal content that vuCaster delivers, and all the other great features of vuTyme.”

vuTyme is offered as a managed service to hotels using the global cloud infrastructure or cable company central office. ADB offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure reliability and delivery of service. It requiresno capital expenditure and integrates with major Property Management Systems andGuest Service Interfaces.

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