ADB Announces Supplying Next Generation Gateway to Leading Integrated Provider in Italy: Optima Italia SpA

ADB, a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for broadband announces its commercial relationship with Optima Italia SpA, the leading integrated telecommunication, light and gas service provider in Italy. ADB is proud to supply to Optima its next generation gateway for the commercial offering “TUTTO-IN-UNO’’, residential and, small and medium businesses (SMB).

This strategic cooperation with Optima started in July 2016 with ADB activities in this segment beginning many years earlier. ADB used its broad experience on broadband residential and SMB markets to create a complete product portfolio tailored for the specific market. Thanks to this cooperation, ADB confirms its leadership in broadband access for Residential and SMB markets.

Marco Storto, ADB Product Management Director commented “Optima and ADB share the same vision on how to address the evolving requirements of broadband and SMB specific applications. Our common goal is to create innovative solutions that provide users with cost effective and advanced functionalities’

“Optima is really pleased to use the ADB innovative integrated gateway product. It provides customers with cutting edge technology and benefits, a VDSL broadband service with multi-line voice service and with a High performance embedded software” said Antonio Zullo, Head of Public Affairs & Regulatory of Optima Italia SpA.