Acer Now Largest Corporate Shareholder in AOpen

AOpen and Acer have announced a private placement of shares, making Acer the company’s largest corporate shareholder, AOpen announced in an official press release.

This alignment between AOpen and Acer ensures an increased geographic sales footprint and broader access to research and development resources. AOpen will also share in Acer technology, particularly in the hybrid cloud technologies space. AOpen device solutions (e.g. signage, self-service, analytics, cloud-based rapid development and control platforms) allow companies swifter adoption in the IoT space.

Close alignment between AOpen and Acer propels the use of these technologies, with the confidence that AOpen end-to-end, customisable solutions will help companies realize their key business objectives.

Analyst Comment

AOpen was a spin off from Acer and became a subsidiary of Wistron, also a spin-off from Acer, according to Wikipedia. Acer has been trying to add services and systems capability, but with limited success so far. (BR)