A World First: PC Fan Case With an Actual LCD Display

Lian Li has introduced the Uni Fan TL LCD case fans, an innovative and luxurious addition to the PC case fan market. These fans, priced at $47 each, feature a unique 1.6-inch LCD display at the center, claimed to be the world’s first by Lian Li. The display, an IPS panel with 400×400 resolution, 24-bit color, and 500 nits brightness, shows various data like CPU and GPU load, temperatures, and fan speeds, controlled by Lian Li’s software. Available in two sizes and colors (black and white), the fans must be chosen based on their intended use as intake or exhaust, as the display only faces one direction.

Source: Lian Li

Additionally, these fans can be connected magnetically, featuring infinity mirrors on both sides for an extravagant look. They come with RGB lighting that can be synchronized across multiple fans, allowing for animated displays across the set.