RollRR shows Rollable Flexible Display

The most display oriented development, a rollable flexible display, was shown by RollRR, a USA based start-up company. The shown demonstrator is a rather massive roll that allows the user to unroll a large display for multiple users.

The display used is electrophoretic with a flexible backplane from Plastic Logic. The resulting display is limited in its bending radius, which may be a reason for the large roll diameter. There is also a limitation in its size, as the roll is almost larger than the unrolled display. It may also be limited by the size of flexible backplane available in the market today. Nevertheless, this is just a demonstrator and not a more developed engineering prototype.

RollRR is working towards a crowd funding campaign later this year or early 2015 to develop a real prototype. We expect to hear more from the company as it gets closer to developing a more reasonable prototype with a larger display. There is also the question of whether the company will decide on a flexible AMOLED display, if these displays become available to other companies. – Norbert Hildebrand