Travel Plaza TV’s Displays Designed for High Traffic Areas

Travel Plaza TV is a digital signage network which works exclusively with 3D autostereoscopic displays. The company currently has 259 installations in 38 states of the USA.

The 46″ autostereoscopic displays are lenticular-based units with the underlying LCD panel being supplied by NEC. As has often been claimed, autostereoscopic displays in digital signage applications can create great results. Travel Plaza TV claims 62% screen notice, 17 min dwell time and unaided brand recall of 10.4%.

The panels are installed in high traffic areas of the Pilot Travel Plazas, with one display per location. The company drives 3D as well as 2D TV commercial content on its network as well as digital panels. The content runs on a 24/7 basis and Travel Plaza TV estimates the displays’ circulation at over 25 million visitors per month.

With this installation, Travel Plaza is operating one of the largest 3D autostereoscopic digital signage networks in the US. The company plans to install more displays and expand its network by another 600 displays.

The most encouraging news is that the company became profitable for the first time in early 2014.