Samsung Shows 95″ FHD Display at DPAA

Samsung had a small exhibition space at the DPAA Video Everywhere conference and was showing a 10″ and a 95″ LED LCD as the company’s smallest and largest offering in the professional display space. Samsung offers several lines of displays tailored for the respective markets and market segments. While most displays are rated for 18h per day use in seven day a week applications, some have lower ratings to address lower price point markets. For education, Samsung offers a line with no TV tuner and no Wi-Fi connectivity to enable a lower device price.

The digital signage displays come with an internal player that allows the employment of displays without a network.

The 95″ display on show had an FHD resolution and is aimed at the retail market. As can be seen in the images below, the display delivers not only great visuals for life-size apparel products but can be employed in quite personal spaces close to the consumer. The downside of this approach is the bad text representation that can be seen in the second image below.

With such a large display, pixel size becomes an issue for close-up encounters of textual based content. The underlying FHD resolution makes for a rather large pixel size, good enough for images but objectionable for text.

When I talked to the Samsung representative, he said that customers rarely ask about technical details like resolution or color gamut. As a general rule, it is expected that the displays fulfils the requirements. He recalled one large customer insisting on accurate color calibration for a more accurate color representation of its products.