The Art of the Sale

January 26th, 2010

Forget Christmas Eve, today is the eve of the announcement of what some are calling "one of the most overhyped tech products of all time." Want proof? Just search Google for "apple tablet news" and look at the results… Reuters, Boston Globe, PC World, Bloomberg, Huffington Post, Wired, even IB Times India plus countless bloggers all writing on the eve of what we in the media assume will be the official product announcement of the new Apple tablet.

Steve Sechrist
Senior Analyst and Editor

The date and hour was pre-announced last week, in a special press invitation, sent out, asking the media, to join Apple as they unveil their "latest creation" on Wednesday Jan 27 at 10AM. This is purportedly the unveiling of Apple’s new Tablet-and like the iPod and iPhone that came before it, is expected to change everything.

Rumors abound on this product, that include a recent report that Apple founder Steve Jobs even added a pico projector — according to ZD Net’s Tom Foremski who writes "…the sleek tablet will be powered by an Intel Atom processor and have 34nm Intel NAND flash memory embedded on the motherboard. It will offer high definition audio, video and a projector."

As far as the display goes, well rumors abound about that too. Most have concluded that the display will be a 10-inch class possibly with a Wacom digitizer (they now offer a touch and pen solution.) But what kind of display can offer both the highly saturated color that publishers, gamers and videophile’s want, along with good daylight readability to double as an e-Book reader (not to mention deliver acceptable battery life?)

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We at Insight Media have speculated on the new PixelQi panel as a possible candidate-but gained no wink and nod from Mary Lou Jepson at our meeting early this month at CES. But Jeff Gamet of Mac Observer reports that Apple is being blamed for a "display shortage". He writes, "…the supply of 10.1-inch LCD and OLED multi-touch displays has dried up, and the latest batch of rumors claim Apple is to blame. Word that Apple has been buying up all of the displays, despite the fact that it isn’t currently shipping a device that uses them." OK, 10-inch OLEDs? Sounds dubious, as we know of no such beast currently shipping (sans the Sony 11-inch display) but it does raise some interesting display questions.

Want to keep track of the blow-by-blow as things unfold tomorrow? Here’s a link to a handy scorecard put together by software developer David Weiss listing top predictions with check boxes for you to fill out (just like at the baseball game.) For up to the minute blogging you have lots of options including live blogging from PCWorld, Technologizer, Gizmodo, and probably hundreds of others.

So forget Christmas… as PC World’s Ian Paul put’s it "…the most most wonderful time of year, [is] when Apple is expected bestow an exciting new product on tech enthusiasts. - Steve Sechrist

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