World’s First Commercial Portable Product with Integrated Pico-Projector Unveiled in Hong Kong

April 17th, 2008

At the Hong Kong Electronics Fair this week Sunlink International Holdings and iView Limited introduced the SunView PMP Projector (PMPP), which is believed to be the first commercially available portable product with integrated pico-projector. "It is definitely the first Portable Media Player (PMP) with an integrated projector," iView chairman C. C. Chang informed me by e-mail. (Chang is well known in the display community as the co-founder of Hong Kong LCD manufacturer Varitronix)

Ken Werner
Senior Analyst and Editor

The Sunview PMPP is a handheld portable media player (PMP) player and presenter with built-in 3.5-inch TFT-LCD touch screen and built-in pico-projector based on iView’s IPL630 LCOS pico-projector module - which is what makes it unique.

What’s new with the Sunview PMPP is that a pico-projector has been integrated into a fully functional portable product. Quite a few companies have been working in this direction, including some that want to integrate a pico-projector into a mobile handset, but Sunlink and iView got there first. The Sunview PMPP is available now in small quantities, and capacity will ramp up soon, Chang told me. There is no word yet on pricing for the product, however.

In addition to the direct-view and projection displays, the PMPP has a built-in rechargeable battery, a speaker, a remote control and a SD card slot. It’s equipped
with a Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 core and Office Viewer, and is capable of displaying movies, photos, and business presentations. The product measures 133×79x25mm.

The iView pico-projector module, which is used in the Sunview PMPP, uses LED illumination and Displaytech’s color-sequential ferroelectric LCOS microdisplay technology. Displaytech has manufactured millions of similar microdisplays as electronic viewfinders for cameras and camcorders, so the process is mature.

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The iView IPL630 module produces a VGA (640×480 pixel) image with a color gamut of more than 110% NTSC, according to the company. It produces a useful image of up to 53 inches, draws between 2 and 3 watts of power, and weighs 40 grams, according to iView. Other modules range from QVGA to SVGA and weigh between 14 and 50 grams.

The 630P engine has a luminous output of 7 lm, which Chang calculates will produce an illuminance of 9 lux over a 53-inch screen. It is available immediately, as are most of the other iView modules.

What we have in the Sunview PMPP is the first in an entirely new category of products. We are trying to get our hands on an evaluation unit so we can form - and share with you - an independent opinion of exactly how compelling a product it is.

Coincidentally, Insight Media released an updated report on the prospects for the pico-projector market yesterday, forecasting a multi-million-unit market within the next few years. (

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